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1 Create

Easy, quick and for free ! Click on "create a listing" and follow the instructions. Our tips: 

  • Photos, photos and photos ! A storage space with no attached photos is ten times less likely to be booked.


  • Provide a clear and complete description. 


  • Choose a consistent price : you choose your own rate following our advice. We will add insurance and service fees on it. 



How to create a good listing
  • Photos of your storage : they are essential to receive a maximum number of rental requests. Members need to picture where grandma's wardrobe or favorite bicycle will stay during their holidays !
  • A description as honnest and accurate as possible : please mention characteristics such as humidity, level of security, and how one can access the storage space. Also add a few words about the area and if you are willing to help renters move their stuffs or are willing to invite them for coffee !
Is the storage space shared or not?
  • Shared space : the tenant shares the space with other tenants and pay according to the number of m3 it uses. Tenants get access to the space by setting appointments with you. This rental mode is relevant for big storage spaces that are located in your home or that you use partially. 
  • Private storage space: you rent the entire storage space in exchange of a fixed monthly rent. You can either give the keys to the tenant or keep them.  
For what price?

You set the price you want for your space. We recommand you a price based on its volume and location. Insurance and service fees are paid by the tenants.


2 Maximise

Share your listing on Facebook, and print an ad you can post in your neighborhood. Improve your profile: listings of landlords answering quickly to rental requests, with a profile picture and a detailed profile have better rankings in the search page.  


A full profile is reassuring  Your profile is as important as your listing, so don’t neglect it! You can manage your profile in “my profile” tab. You can write a few words of introduction that will make users want to store their stuff in your storage space.
Checking your phone number, or connecting your profile to social networks will also help reassure future storage seekers.
Spread the word!In order to increase your chances of being contacted, we provide you with several ways to advertise your garage, attic, or spare room. Don’t hesitate to share your listing on Facebook or print ads!
3 Be reactive

Once you sign in, all storage inquiries will be sent to you on the website’s mailbox, which you can access from your personal account. Take time to answer each inquiry in order to reassure tenants and make them book your space. When a rental request is sent to you, you have 48 hours to accept it. After this time the request expires. Once you have accepted the rental request, you get access to the tenant's personal information (phone number and email) and you can schedule a meeting.


Information inquiry or rental request?
  • Information inquiry: this is a message a tenant sends, specifying the volume of his/her belongings, storage dates and compensation you will receive. You can then chat with the tenant who may have a few questions to ask you. If you accept, the storage space applicant will just have to enter his credit card information in order to make the booking.
  • Rental request : if the storage space applicant is in a hurry, he can directly send you a rental request you can accept or decline.
When do I get the renter's contact details? As soon as you accept his rental request, your contract will be created and you will get the renter's phone number and email address.
4 Host

A few days before the beginning of the contract, you will receive a mail summing up storage space applicant’s information and payments program. This is the time for you to arrange a meeting. The agreement is to be printed and signed during the meeting. It can be found in “My listings” tab, in your personal storage space.



Payments When you confirm the rental request, the first monthly rent is collected on a blocked account. We transfer you this sum four days following the start date of the contract, in order to make sure your storage space matches with the description you provided and the tenant's needs. You will receive the next payments on a monthly basis by bank transfer.
Prepare your storage space.Make sure your storage space is clean, tidy and accessible. If your storage unit is a shared one, please mark on the floor the exact location where the storage seeker will put his belongings. When meeting the tenant, make sure to spend a few minutes with the tenant in order to break the ice, show him the place, give him the keys or schedule the future appointments.



1 Create

Define your needs in a few clicks:

  • Select your location and dates.


  • Refine your search by indicating the type of access you need (key handover or by appointment), your monthly budget and some other characteristics of the space (ground floor or with a lift, unloading at the door, lighting).


  • Indicate the volume you need. 


Additional information

Access with the key or by appointmentCostockage offers 2 options :
  • The deposit mode (access by appointment): you can access the space by appointment with the owner.  Depending on the listing, you can either rent the entire space or pay only for the volume of storage you use in a shared space. 
  • The rental mode (key handover) : you rent the entire space and have access to it whenever you want. 
Which volume do I need ? From the search page, you can estimate the volume you need :In a few clicks, you can estimate the volume you need and determine what kind of spaces suit you. In order to estimate your volume, click on "volume" in the search page, then click on "estimate my volume", and enter you inventory. 
In sharing mode, doing your inventory is mandatory.
Find the perfect room and the perfect owner
The first listings displayed in the search page are the best ones: reactive owners with positive reviews and listings with a lot of pictures. Thanks to the interactive map, you can choose a space according to its location. 
2 Contact

You can contact owners from our secured messaging service to ask for additional details or just to check the availability of the space. To contact owners, click on the listing you are interested in, and click on "contact host". 
In the conversation, email adresses and phone numbers are not disclosed. In order to get access to the owner's phone number, you have to make a rental request.

Additional information

Optimize your chances
  • Complete as much as you can your profile before contacting owners. Upload a profile picture and write a few lines to introduce yourself and show that you are a reliable person. 
  • Do not hesitate to contact several owners before booking : they will be happy to exchange messages before trusting you with their basement or garage.
  • In your message, explain your need and ask questions. The price is automatically calculated : you can see it on the listing directly by entering your dates and volume. 
The storage dates will be mentioned on the contract If something unexpected happens, don't worry, you can interrupt the contract without any charges with a 2 weeks' notice. Therefore, If you hesitate between 2 durations, we advise you to pick the longer one, you will have more chance to catch the owner's interest.
When will i get the owner's contact details ?
To ensure safety and privacy, Costockage do not disclose contact details before the booking is accepted by the owner. Once your booking is accepted, you receive the contract and the owner's contact details in a link sent in your emails.
3 Book

You found the perfect space? Select your dates and click on « rental request ». Now, you just need to enter you personnal details and credit card number.
We do not charge anything on your card when you do the rental request. We charge you only 2 days before your contract starts. You are charged for the 1st month of storage plus insurance and service fees. Y
ou can cancel your booking for free until 3 days before your contract starts.

Additional information

Activate the payment
Your credit card details will be required during the booking process but you will be charged only if the owner validates your request (1st month of rent), and only 2 days before your contract starts. 
Confirmation  Once the booking is confirmed, you receive an email with the owner's contact details. You can access these data at any moment through the tab "my rentals" on your dashboard. You can cancel your booking for free until 3 days before your contract starts. 
4 Store

A few days before the begininning of the contract, you receive a summary of your booking by email. It is the right time to set an appointment with the owner. You access the contract through the tab "my rentals" on your dashboard and the invoice through the tab "my payments". 
At the end of the storage, do not forget to review your owner ! These reviews are important to make Costockage efficient and reliable.

Additional information

Storage Monitoring We regularly send emails regarding payments. Before the end of the contract, we send you an alert by email. You can either take back your stuff or ask to extend the contract.
Review At the end of the contract, do not forget to review your owner ! These reviews are important to make Costockage efficient and reliable.