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> Suggest a storage space

Create a storage space in a few clicks

Some available storage space?
Costockage helps you turning it into a profitable asset !

You control the access and decide who you hand the key to
You get paid every month without the hassle of collecting payments
An insurance covers the landlord's property against damages caused by tenant's belongings

Choose the room's type


The garage is a closed space accessible on the ground floor or basement, originally intended to receive vehicles.

Storage unit

The self-storage box is a closed space, located in a security warehouse and with high storage and security conditions.


The container is a metal box accessible on one level, usually outdoors.

Wood box

The wooden box is a wooden frame module, sealed or with key delivery, located in a warehouse.


Storage space on the ground floor


Basement is located under the ground and has no door to the outside.


The storage unit is a closed space inside a building.


The spot
(co-storage) is a space delimited in a large space.


Other : write here the type of storage space if yours doesn't match with any of the propositions

Indicate the surface of your local space

Indicate accurately dimensions to calculate the volume of your storage space and define the price

  • Surface:
  • m2
  • Height:
  • m
  • Storage volume:
  • m3

Define the access you give to renters

  • Access:

Define the date from when
your storage space will be available

Starting date, when your space is ready to welcome many tenants

 The address will be hidden from visitors.
Visitors will only view the surrounding area.

General description

Describe here the neighborhood, building, storage space's characteristics (dryness, no humidity for example), accessibility, level of safety. The best listings have more or less 30 words

Detailed description:

This helps the tenant to understand what kind of belongings can be stored there (sofa, desk). The tenant can choose to disassemble some of his furniture to fit it in the storage space.

  • Narrowest way
  • cm
  • Preservation
  • Safety
  • Floor

  • Elevator

Is it possible to unload items directly from a vehicle in front of the storage space?

  • Unloading at the door
  • Lighting

Multiply by 10 your chances to rent your storage space by uploading pictures. (3 pictures at last recommended)

Fixez votre prix

€/mois €/m3/mois
The recommended price takes into consideration storage space's volume and location. Adjust the price according to the storage space's features. A storage space easily accessible with a car and secure will be more attractive. Whereas, a 3

At least 2 defects (no elevator, humidity, limited safety). First storage.

At least Defect (no elevator, humid, limited safety). First transaction.

Recommended for a storage space without any defect.

At least Strength (access with a car , lift, very safe). Already one storage experience.

Experience in storage-space renting, many strengths (accessible on one level, lift, very safe)

Conditions required from all tenants:

  • • All stored furniture are covered by an insurance subscribed by Costockage (check for detailed insurance's conditions)
  • • The credit card is valid and checked by Leetchi system.
  • • Items forbidden for storage, among others : stolen items, explosives, living or illegal objects.
  • Minimum booking period

How does it work?

How much can I derive from my storage space?

  • Surface:
  • m2
  • Zipcode
per year
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